Athletics FTWR

Born from a merging of collective skills and experience, coming together in the cultural hub of LondonAthletics FTWR debuts in 2020 with a product-focused proposition, bound by considered design and an authentic perspective. It stands for quality objects intended to withstand the ephemeral nature of the sneaker community.

Product functionality and purpose form the basis of the Athletics FTWR design ideology. Abiding by strict codes of construction, launching with a singular shoe — the Athletics ONE® is a sneaker with enduring relevance and an honest standpoint. A timeless staple intended to progress and evolve beyond the standard sneaker lifecycle.

Athletics FTWR will follow a natural and continuous design and development process, leading to a brand evolution that looks to the future of our industry. Forming its foundations, the Athletics ONE® is a visual representation of the work that lies behind its execution, where product echoes brand intention.